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passing human knowledge

Passing Human Knowledge                                                                                                    Tsakli EXHIBITION                                                                               WB Yeats Celtic Enochian Chess

The Court of Amen

Coming soon -- Bundex Film Archive

Primal Eye (Median Vision Theory MVT) 

Zenet (ancient game of passing)

Enochian Chess

Steve formulated Median Vision Theory (MVT/Primal Eye) in 1979 and has been developing some practical applications including MVT awareness engines that might allow "uploading". As well as various Patreon exhibitions, films, games and apps;  we will an offer an MVT course in 2022. The locus for Posthuman Buddhism, Posthuman Psychology and the Posthuman Movement (since 1988).

New book by Steve Nichols - M.V.T. and implications for psychology                                               ITHELL COLQUHOUN  exhibition 2022                    40 years of Primal Eye/ M.V.T.                                                         

Free Demo
Chaturanga PC DEMO millions variants                                                                                
SHOGI (PC) Japanese chess 
Taro Four Worlds
Ptolemaic emblemata colourized
NEW 2022 V3
'parsing human knowledge'
Pagan and Christian emblemata Taro 4 Winds