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Passing Human Knowledge                                                                                                    Tsakli EXHIBITION                                                                               WB Yeats Celtic Enochian Chess

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Primal Eye (Median Vision Theory MVT) 

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Steve formulated Median Vision Theory (MVT/Primal Eye) in 1979 and has been developing some practical applications including MVT awareness engines that might allow "uploading". As well as various Patreon exhibitions, films, games and apps;  we will an offer an MVT course in 2022. The locus for Posthuman Buddhism, Posthuman Psychology and the Posthuman Movement (since 1988).

New book by Steve Nichols - M.V.T. and implications for psychology                                               ITHELL COLQUHOUN  exhibition 2022                    40 years of Primal Eye/ M.V.T.                                                         

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Taro Four Worlds
Ptolemaic emblemata colourized
'parsing human knowledge'
Pagan and Christian emblemata Taro 4 Winds

Primal Eye video

Text of original 1979/1980  Phantom Eye Theory Dissertation Surrey University - Steve Nichols
My contention was 1979 and is now 2022 that ‘abstract thought’ or ‘self-referential consciousness’ evolved in direct inverse proportion to the regression and disappearance of the pineal eye. Another way to phrase this is to say that the brain of living vertebrates was intrinsically geared to receiving information from the primitive eye via the stalk attached pineal gland, and although it stopped receiving direct physical stimulus and input from the pineal sense‑organ, it was still able to regulate body‑decisions, and enable the organism to behave in an appropriate way in response to its surrounding environment. In short, abstract modelling or reflective thinking had arrived on the evolutionary scene.  

The Primal Eye: 40 years on - 1979 to 2019 Kindle Edition 


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